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We should probably get this out of the way first: I may be the only person in California who does not like avocados. Nope, not even guacamole, but thanks for trying. If it helps, I do love potatoes in any form. Give me all the tots, fries, and mash, please. 

Speaking of potatoes, my Corgi, Mister Sir Alfred Corg-nelious, is the official Chief Happiness Officer at Beach City Creative. You might see him wandering around during our Zoom meetings, and he puts his paw of approval on everything created. If you love dogs, he’d love to meet you!

How this started: Once upon a time, I was the person in college who had Photoshop. Between Greek Life and athletics (and my classes), I was always designing whatever was needed. It was a great creative outlet - it made me happy, and it made other people happy! When I started creating wedding stationery, it combined all the best things, making people happy and creating a truly personalized invitation that they could keep forever.

The design process with me is simple: we work together until it’s perfect. 

Even if you’re not a stationery geek like me who cannot stop buying markers and pens and paper and notebooks (seriously, it’s a problem), I can’t wait for you to see your custom design come to life. When you put those invitations in the mail, I want you to feel like you're sending out a tiny piece of art that perfectly captures the essence of your wedding day.

I believe in working together collaboratively. I believe love is love, science is real, and a ranch dressing is always better from a restaurant. I would love to meet you and see if we are a good fit to work together on your wedding stationery!

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